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This is some of the thoughts and tid-bits of my little poly life. Yep we have our ups and downs but were a big happy family, with a little extra fun added in.

Monday, July 25, 2005

What A Long And Hot Day

What a day I had.

First Miss shanice kept everyone up late late last night cause she held her arm out, let the hand go limp, then punched the wrist and then pulled a finger to try and make it pop. I really dont know what the hell she was thinking, but she was up crying about it for about an hour last night. well needless to say she woke up just fine. Of course.

Had to bring d into work at 230 AM. That sucked ass. I actually went to bed about 1230 or so, and trying to get up was a bitch. The meds I take at night knock me out after a lil while, so i get ok sleep now. I just dream a whole lot. Weird shit too.

But so I brought him to work, came home and went to bed.

Got up just before les was leaveing so I could get the kids ready to go.

We had to head out and pick up a dresser we bought on saturday and also had a freecycle pick-up which went so damn well!!!! But before we got there the window feel down so i had to stop and get TAPE to hold it up. We picked up a little mail thingy, i dunno what ya call it, but it is cool, just gotta figure out where to put it. But while I was there the lady asked if i would like a hope chest, well ya good god damn right i did!!! LMAO we have been looking for one for a while, and they are so expensive. So got it home. Then we ran off to walmart to grab stuff for dinner. we come out, only after about 20 minuets max and the car wouldnt start. Here it is, early afternoon, got 3 hungry hot and tired kids in tow and the car wont start. So we grab out cold stuff and head back into wally to call les. Sat down and had a little lunch.

we wound up haveing the car towed to pep-boys and will know in the morning what all is wrong, but for sure it will cost a bunch. Damn cars.

Tonight I brought D's car up to the new self car wash thingy. There is a carpet cleaning thingy there, and D's poor little car is NASTY stinky yukkie!! So i scrubbed the carpetts. Worked my ass of, was hot as a mutha fucker out there. But I got most of the crap out, teres a bunch of stains, and stuff all over the seats. Ugggg! too bad, it is only a 2001 and is much dirtier then the 1985 I had. Hmmm oh well.

Ohhh and while waiting for Les and trying to figure out the car and stuff missed my second interview so i will have that tomarrow afternoon. Just gotta fill out paper work and shit. So that was my great long and tireing day.

Now gotta brush out my hair have a smoke and head to bed.

Nighty nite.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Dylan's Big Day

Well our little bitty boy turned one today!!!

It was so cute. He got to eat his favorite things, green beand and mac-n-cheese for dinner. And then got to tear into his very own cake, well the frosting at least. He didnt care much for the cake once he figured out frosting was pretty damn good.

He tore into it for about 10 minuets then was compleately finished. And then ran around the house hyped up on suger for about an hour and is now sleeping soundly in his bed.

Happy birthday Dilly butt!

Dylans 1st Birthday

Dylans 1st Birthday

Dylans Cake Before He Got His Little Hands On It

Dylans 1st Birthday

Dylans 1st Birthday

Dylans 1st Birthday

Dylans 1st Birthday

Dylans 1st Birthday

Dylans 1st Birthday

Dylans 1st Birthday

Dylans 1st Birthday

Dylans 1st Birthday

Dylans 1st Birthday

Dylans 1st Birthday

Dylans 1st Birthday

Dylans 1st Birthday

Dylans 1st Birthday

Dylans 1st Birthday

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Let's get you all cought up...

well since I loast poasted I have gotten meds. Was put on Trazadone to help me sleep and Paxil CR to stabelise my moods. Really so far all it has done is make me all sorts of forgetful amd zone-out, but it has only been a few days, so we will see.

I went and picked up Les' flowers and cards and bought her a gold heart ring. And got a rose for each of the kids to give to her. And a few balloons. She started crying. Shs is such a sap. I hid her ring, in its box in the rozes i got her. She didnt see it at first, so i said did you smell thoses roses, hopeuing she would see the box. No such luck. She was snmelling them saying ohh yeah they do have a different smell. well of course they didnt, she thought i thought they did so she was humering me. I just wanted her to stick her nose in and find the box. well it had fallen down in the flowers so i had to point it out. She loved it!

And what a night we had last night. It was Les decided last minuet that she wanted to go out to eat so we just ran up to golden coral. I snuck the cake up their so after we ate the waitstaff brought it out and the resturant sang to her. She told me wait till November....lmao.

Before we even got inside the resturant we were waiting outside for Damon and the girls to show up, they went to the wrong resturant. We had been sitting there a good half hour, maybe even 45 minuets. Well we decided to go check and see how D would get lost for 45 minuets going 2 miles from the house. Well I got Dylan back in his car seat and noticed in the van next to me, that had been there since before we got there, there was a little boy sitting in the driver seat, couldnt have been more then 2. So les stopped the car and i got out to see if anyone was in the van with him, and no he was there alone, in houston where it is 95 with 80+ % humidity all the time. Well Leslie ran inside the resturant to see if she could locate someone but no luck. So she called the police. I sat out there with the little boy, trying to get him to unlock the doors but no luck. He looked fine and I knew it wouldnt take long for the police to get there so i just stood there.

Well the dad, maybe, came out holding a piece of bread for the boy and went to get in teh van. Most I could do was dig in the car and write down the licenses plat and make/modle and what the guy looked like. well gave it to the police, a squad showed up and the cop was like eh cant do anything im not chaseing him down. Sorry. Fucken dick. yeah you can do something you can look up the plate number and go ream this guy a new ass! You can go and arest his ass for leaveing a baby in a car alone for at leaste 45 minuets. You can kiss my ass. Ya know If that baby had only been in there 5 minuets they would have had a man hunt and swipped that child away. But since it was a bit serious they do nothing. HMPH!!!!!!!!

Well dinner went well except this poor lady had a piece of the buffett fall on her foot. Some stainless steal boarder fell on her foot, sliced three of her toes. Poor thing. She was talking about how she is diabetic and had just gotten out of the hospitol. Well the manager said best he could do was refyund her money. HA!! For sliceing my toes your ass owes me a hell of alot more then 7 fucken dollars. HA you can get me the phone so i can call a lawyer dumb ass.

After we got home leslie was on the phone and D and I brought in her other gift, a porch swing, she loved it.

We got the kids to bed I ran off to take a shower got all smellin sweet and put on a mighty fine little outfit for Leslie, hehehe. Then after we were all finished playing we fell asleep. well I had lit candles all over our room. One must of had a bubble in it because Les said she was only out for about 30 minuets before she woke up and found one candle compleatly burned down and dripping everywhere. This andle should have taken hours and hours to burn up. Well I figure there must have been a bubble in the wax. I havent really investigated it yet, but it made one hell of a mess.

Well today it is raing and storming a bunch. I have the kids in the littles room cleaning. Uggg always a chore and im not cleaning it.

Well I'm Off.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Was asked to join a site.....

For rateing BBW and SSBBW and whatever. I hesitated, cause ya know, what if you average a 2.0 instead of a 8. And feel bad. but I did it anyway. HAHAHA I am highest on the list right now. Funny. Here is the link. Somehting is wrong with blogger, so it wont work for me to add it in my links, but it will be soon.


I am missliz there so gimmie a 10!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

If my patience isn't wearing thin enough sometimes.

Well we had an evenful day yesterday.

Shanice decided that lunchtime was just a mask for world War...oh I dont know what number now 3000 I guess.

She didnt like what I made her so it turned into a great big battle between she and I. Really I didnt think mac-n-cheese was such a big deal. I was wrong, terribly wrong.

Needless to say, She mad barbs and crossed far, far, far over lines she shouldnt have. I am so mad and hurt over it, but what am I supposta do? Nothing I guess. She is better today, already asking for things or to do things that are privlages. "shakes head" All I can think of is tuff shit. Might not be the best way to think of it or the nicest way but too damn bad.

We have had aquiet day. I havent spoken to her much at all. And I think it might be that way for a bit.

Talked with Diane, my counciler about it last night. She thinks that my issue from thursday night, the chest pains and stuff, were prolly an anxiety attact too. I have been sleeping for shit lately, nightmares and raceing thoughts. So she thinks maybe my head just went NO! when I tried to go to sleep, or maybe I had a nightmare and it triggered it. I dont remember too much from before it happend so could be. Ya never know. I do know I dont want one ever again. It sucked ass.

we changed the kids rooms around on sunday. Now the littles have the bigger room and Shanice the smaller. I think it will work much better. Now just need to get it all organised.

what else....

Nothing really. So Im outie.
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